Pokemon Sword and Shield announce end of updates for certain online features

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The Pokemon Company have announced that some online features for Pokemon Sword and Shield will be ending next month.

The new announcement (via Serebii.net) confirmed the features being cut off include the Wild News Area, which will get its final update on November 1st.

This feature was used to allow players to have a chance to get certain Gigantamax pokemon, such as one for Snorlax, which was obtained exclusively through this feature.

Players need not to worry about losing out on some content though, as the final update will add these pokemon in that you wouldn’t have been able to encounter normally.

Battle Stadium will also no longer have a ranked reset as they have had for each month. This also means that results of the Ranked Battle Season will not appear in Pokemon Home, nor will there be more online competitions, though Friendly Competitions can still be run by the community.

This latter change makes sense with the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet titles coming next month, where Game Freak will be turning their attention to the latest in the franchise.

Finally, all Y-comm and other online features for Pokemon Sword and Shield will remain assessible moving forward past next month.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launched for the Nintendo Switch back on November 15, 2019. Their successors in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be coming out for the Switch as well on November 18, 2022.

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