Pokemon Go Trainer AwesomeAdamTV has a once in a lifetime Encounter

When it comes to the Pokemon franchise, there are a variety of reasons why trainers continue to play the game after beating the Elite Four and becoming the Pokemon League Champion. Some trainers continue to play the game in order to complete the Pokedex while others attempt to shiny hunt some of their favorite Pokemon. Some of the most competitive trainers look for or breed Pokemon with the best Natures in order to win in competitions.

These factors hold true in Pokemon Go with trainers looking to get perfect or shiny Pokemon; these factors are bragging points with trainers. What is even more difficult to find is Shiny Perfect Pokemon. In the rare chance that you can get a Shiny Perfect Pokemon, the probability of encountering another Shiny right afterward, let alone a Shiny Perfect is highly improbable. Earlier this year we met a Pokemon Go trainer who managed to accomplish the improbable and in a Mythical way.

For Halloween, Pokemon Go held the Pokémon GO Halloween 2023 Event. During the event, trainers could participate in Legendary and Mega raids; in the Legendary raids, trainers could battle against the Mythical Pokemon Darkrai. These raids remind us that we had made friends with another Pokemon Go earlier this year. At Summer Game Fest, we met AwesomeAdamTV and noticed they were playing Pokemon Go.

Once in a Lifetime Experience

When comparing Shiny and Perfects, we noticed that Adam had multiple shiny Darkrai; typically a shiny wouldn’t be that impressive since many trainers grind out a ton of 5-Star raids when hunting for shiny Pokemon. What made the two Darkrai’s so special was that they were Shiny Perfect Pokemon. When we spoke with Adam, there was a special story behind the two perfect shiny Darkrai. Turns out, the two were caught in back-to-back raids while Adam was doing a Pokemon Go livestream on Twitch.

So what makes this occurrence so special? During any typical Pokemon encounter, there is a 1 in 4096 chance of encountering a shiny Pokemon. The probability of encountering a perfect Pokemon is also 1 in 4096; therefore, the probability of encountering both a Shiny and a perfect Pokemon is 1 in 16,777,216. The fact that it happened not once but twice back to back makes this feat a truly mythical/legendary accomplishment.

Originally, AwesomeAdamTV was just excited at the chance to encounter a shiny Mythical Pokemon. Once the catch encounter started, a member of his chat let him know that the Shiny Darkrai he was about to catch had a perfect IV. Since it was his first ever Shundo, Adam was excited about this encounter. Less than two hours later during the stream, Adam would encounter another Shundo Darkrai after completing another Legendary raid. In between the two raids, Adam caught a Gastly, Alolan Ratatta, Venonat, Shedinja, Spiritomb, and Magikarp; none of those six Pokemon were shiny. Now this does not diminish that Adam experienced a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence by getting back-to-back Shundos from Legendary raids.

Interview with AwesomeAdamTV

Curious about this once-in-a-lifetime experience we asked Adam a variety of questions, this is what he had to say.

Matt: How many Darkrai raids did you complete in order to accomplish this feat?

Adam: I did around 100 Darkrai raids.

Matt: Have you gotten any Shundos (Shiny + 100s) since?

Adam: I got one Shundo after that; it was an Entei.

Matt: Were both of the raids remote invite raids?

Adam: Both raids were remote raids

Matt: Were the trainers who invited you high in level or friendship?

Adam: We were max friendship

Matt: What originally got you into Pokemon Go?

Adam: What originally got into Pokémon GO was that I have played Pokemon my entire life from Yellow all the way until ORAS which was the newest game at the time! So when I heard we could catch Pokemon in the real world it made me so happy! Being able to go to any location and catch a Pokemon.

Matt: Do you have any favorite moments from playing Pokemon Go, beyond the two Darkrai, that you want to tell others about?

Adam: My favorite moment has got to be anytime I go out and play with my friends! Literally have the best time just catching Pokémon, doing raids, and having some laughs! Being able to look back at those moments and still have the Pokémon you caught from that day as memorabilia is amazing!

Matt: Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Pokemon Go community?

Adam: One thing I wanna share with people is don’t take the game too seriously, instead utilize as a way to have fun wherever you go! That’s why I have enjoyed this game for the past 7 years!

Have you had an amazing Pokemon Go experience that you want to share with us? Share those experiences with us! We want to thank AwesomeAdamTV for sharing his story with us and getting to find out more about this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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