Pokemon Franchise Hits $100 Billion in Lifetime Sales, Beating Star Wars and Marvel

Pokemon Franchise Hits $100 Billion in Lifetime Sales Beating Star Wars and Marvel

New data has surfaced confirming the Pokemon franchise has reached the top – hitting $100 billion in lifetime sales, beating even the Star Wars and Marvel franchises.

The new data (via SafeBettingSites) notes the smartphone title Pokemon Go helped push the franchise to the 100 billion mark. The Pokemon franchise launched back in 1996 on the original Nintendo Gameboy, and saw its 25th anniversary this year as well.

In total, Pokemon has raked in a whopping $76 billion in licensed merchandise, $22.7 billion in video games, $1.83 billion in the movie box office, $144 million in home entertainment, $142 million in strategy guide books, and $3 million in jet aircraft sales.

Pokemon Go managed to earn over $1.2 billion since its release a few years ago, in 2016. That puts it at the third-highest earning mobile game in history, just below PUBG and Honor of Kings. Other properties in the franchise added to its sales, like the first live-action movie, Detective Pikachu – which earned the second-highest box office sales of any video game movie.

What’s your favorite Pokemon game or movie? Have you been following the series all these years? Sound off in the comments below!

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