Pokemon Devs New IP, Giga Wrecker, Features a Cyborg Girl Fighting Robots

Game Freak, the game studio behind the worldwide gaming phenomenon Pokémon, have just released their second Steam title, GIGA WRECKER.

Still in Early Access, GIGA WRECKER is a 2D puzzle-platformer action game where you control a cyborg girl with the power of gathering debris from broken walls and objects, and reshape them to solve puzzles and fight robots.

The game will involve exploration of a devastated world infested by mysterious robots and mastering the powers of ARCHE (ARms Creating and Handling Effect). Fans of manga and Anime may recognize the influence coming from titles such as Akira, Project ARMS or Texhnolyze.

GIGA WRECKER is available on Steam.

Key Features:

  • Mixture of exploration and physics
    Smash down towering walls, use rubbles as platform and climb high cliffs……This game is an innovative mixture of physics and stage exploration.
  • Combination of puzzle and action
    Choose the suitable weapon for each situation, judge which part of an object to break……Not just bashing through obstacles, you can enjoy the achievement of solving puzzles and gimmicks.
  • Special abilities
    The player character has the power called ARCHE(ARms Creating and Handling Effect), the ability to construct various weapons using rubbles and scraps from broken objects.
    Each weapon has its own unique effect, so make full use of them to explore through the stages.


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