Pokemon designer James Turner has left Game Freak

James Turner

It’s been revealed that James Turner, who has been a Pokemon designer for Game Freak since 2010 and was the art director for Pokemon Sword and Shield, has left Game Freak.

His departure comes as he teams up with game designer onebitbeyond as together they’ve founded a new game studio called All Possible Futures. They also announced their first game under this studio, The Plucky Squire.

Here’s a trailer for this new game:

The game will be published by Digital Devolver and releases for the Nintendo Switch with an unknown release date.

James Turner’s work with the Pokemon franchise spans far back before he even began working in Game Freak. Previously, he worked on the Pokemon spin-offs such as Pokemon Coliseum and Gale of Darkness before getting the opportunity to work on the main franchise with Black and White.

His list of Pokemon designed includes Shadow Lugia, the Vanillite line, Gigantamax Gengar, and the Galarian forms of the Zigzagoon line. Pokemon wasn’t the only things that James Turner did with Game Freak. He also was their director for the game Tembo the Badass Elephant, which was published by Sega.

Turner is not the only major member of Game Freak to have left the team this year. Earlier Junichi Masuda had also departed the team to join The Pokemon Company in order to greater influence over the franchise, rather than just the games. Masuda hasn’t worked on the more recent major titles however, such as Pokemon Sword and Shield or Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

These changes mean that the future of the company, and therefore the Pokemon franchise, has truly changed moving into the recently announced Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


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