Pokemon Art Academy is Coming to North America and Europe

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It hasn’t been that long since we learned about Pokemon Art Academy, the Pokemon themed spinoff of the Art Academy series. Now, we’ve learned that Nintendo is localizing the game for both North America and Europe. The brand new version of the art suite will be coming to both territories on July 4th of this year.

Pokemon Art Academy will provide players with 40 lessons on how to draw, sketch, and paint various Pokemon. Nintendo is promising the game will actually help you develop real art skills that can be translated into sketching on real paper.

Lessons are broken down by Professor Andy, who starts with the basics, like breaking down complex images into simple steps. You’ll have a toolbox consisting of various things like pastels, paints, and pencils, and even some new materials not in the original Art Academy like markers, or airbrushes. One of the most notable additions is the much requested undo feature.

There will be four different levels of learning within Pokemon Art Academy, they range from Starter, Novice, Apprentice, and then finally Graduate.

There’s also a new Free Paint mode that will let you create a Pokemon in any style using all of the tools at your disposal, and there are even over a hundred reference pictures within the game that can be used for inspiration. Images that were taken with the 3DS camera can also be imported into the game.

There’s a Quick Sketch mode, which will let you do very simple drawings, and whenever you’re finished, all of your drawings will be saved into an album in the form of Pokemon cards, which can also bare your signature (a very nice touch).

Lastly, you’ll be able to brag and show off your drawings on the Miiverse, unless you need some pointers and want to ask for tutelage.

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