Pocky & Rocky Reshrined Japanese Release Set for April 2022, Third Trailer

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined Release Date

Publisher Natsume Atari and developer Tengo Project announced the Pocky & Rocky Reshrined Japanese release date is set for April 2022 in Japan.

The Pocky & Rocky Reshrined Japanese release date is set for April 21st for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, news confirmed in the latest Weekly Famitsu. A western release was set for later in 2021, but after the Japanese release was delayed into 2022 this is likely pushed further back.

Alongside the new release date is the third official trailer for the game, as well as new information shared by Tengo Project over on the game’s official site.

Here’s the new trailer:

Here’s the new info on the game:

The latest in the original shrine maiden shooting “Bizarre World” series!

This is a completely new sequel to the original home video game Pocky & Rocky for the Super Nintendo)! This is a cute and hardcore action shooter for the latest hardware by the special team Tengo Project from Nutmeg Atari, all of whom were involved in the development of Pocky & Rocky! The 16-bit taste of the time has been retained, but the fun, graphics, and sound have all been enhanced!

The overwhelming quality of the detailed dot drawings!

Tengo Project dedication to dot art is still alive and well in this title! In this title, Tengo Project attention to dot art is still alive and well! Every single dot is painstakingly created to add color to the game.

The game sounds that enliven the action game are even more powerful!

Iwatsuki, who was in charge of the BGM/SE for Pocky & Rocky in 1992, is in charge of all the sounds for this game! Iwatsuki, who was in charge of the soundtrack for 1992’s Pocky & Rocky, is in charge of all the sounds in this game.

Newly drawn package art by Yoshio Asari! New playable character illustrations!

In addition to the familiar Saya-chan and Manuke, this title will also feature three new playable characters: Amenouzume, Ikazuchi, and Hotarugomae!


Story Mode

The black cloak that was supposed to be defeated in “The Mysterious Black Cloak (SFC version)” is still alive! The Black Cloak’s trap once again stands in the way of Saya-chan and Manukake! Unravel the mystery of the Black Cloak with the help of your friends who join you on your adventure!

You can select this mode by collecting a certain number of coins dropped by enemies during the game. The story mode has an “Extra Easy Mode”.

Two-player co-op

You can choose two characters out of five to play together. The Nintendo Switch supports “Osusowake” play. The Nintendo Switch supports “Osusowake” play, so two people can play together right away with just one console.

Playable Characters

  • Pocky (Saya-chan) – A priestess who lives in a remote shrine in the mountains. She is a priestess who lives in a remote mountain shrine. She once took the Seven Gods of Good Fortune and fought off the monsters that rampaged through the shrine. She’s a very kind girl who doesn’t discriminate between people and monsters, but she doesn’t show mercy to those with a bad heart.
  • Rocky the Tanuki (Manuke) – A haunted tanuki who lives with his fellow yokai in the mountains behind the shrine. He is a friend of Saya-chan, and has come down the mountain to tell her about the strange happenings in the forest.
  • Amanouzume (New) – A woman from the world of the gods. She is a goddess and the founder of the shrine maidens, and she lends her power to Saya-chan, who has wandered in from the distant future. But she has a purpose… She is a goddess who is good at dancing and doesn’t like to fight, but through her divine authority, she has gained a strong power in her own body, and uses it to exorcise evil.
  • Ikazuchi (New) – A dervish demon of the war-torn world. Also known as the Thunder Beast, its power is so great that it can cause hailstorms, tornadoes, and thunderstorms in the sky. But even this yokai, who can control the weather, is no match for the black cape that has appeared in this world, and is about to be captured and used by the demons.
  • Hotaru Gozen (New) – A female warrior of the war-torn world. With her unparalleled strength, she can easily handle a dagger and a naginata. However, she was defeated by an army of demons that overran the war-torn world, and lost her life along with the lord she served. The power of the black cloak brought her back to this world, but it was a resurrection as a pawn of the devil.
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