Pocket PC RPG The Quest Now on Steam Greenlight

The Quest Steam version

The Quest is an oldschool open-world first person dungeon crawler first released for Pocket PC and PalmOS in 2008.

The game received some attention for its fairly complex (especially for a mobile/PDA game) mechanics and a non-linear storyline (mutually exclusive subquests, people treating you differently based on your race and generally a lot of choice and consequences). The game was later ported to iOS, on which it was most popular, and received numerous expansion packs, some of which started as a fanmade mods.

A few days ago, The Quest arrived to Steam Greenlight. Apparently, the Steam version will be different from a direct PC port of the original game that is available on the developer’s website – Redshift promises that this version is going to feature ‘brand new high resolution graphics’ (the old PC version doesn’t go beyond 800×600).

Redshift is also planning to bring the new version of the game to GOG and to make an iPad-exclusive mobile release based on the same graphics. The comparison between the PPC/iOS versions and PC/iPad ones can be seen on the developer’s forum.



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