Plus-Sized Elf anime premieres this July, new trailer

Plus-Sized Elf

The upcoming anime adaptation of Plus-Sized Elf (Elf-san wa Yaserarenai) is set to premiere this July as part of the Summer 2024 anime season.

The new anime adaptation is based on Synecdoche’s wildly popular manga of the same name, and will star Ayasa Itou as the protagonist, the thicc elf Elfuda.

The series follows a dietician and weight loss specialist named Tomoatsu Naoe who’s recruited by an elf from another world. The only problem is that she fell in love with french fries, and now she’s too chubby to fit through the portal between worlds.

Along the way, Naoe will meet plenty of other fantasy women who have been secretly living in the real world, many of them have their own problems with their weight thanks to the conveniences and delicious food of modern society.

You can check out the trailer below.

The series was announced to mixed responses in the west, with some people accusing it of objectifying women, while others accused it of promoting “body positivity” and “fat acceptance”. The truth is, people just want to see some plump elves.


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