Streaming service giant Plex gets hacked, user’s emails and passwords stolen


Streaming giant Plex has contacted users of their service to reset their passwords after they confirmed a hacking breach.

The company has asked users to reset their passwords as soon as possible, as the hack has led to user passwords and personal data being stolen.

According to mass-sent email, this breach only affects a “limited subset” of users. They also state stolen data has been hashed according to best security practices, though no details on what process they use was mentioned.

For those unaware of what Plex is, they are an American streaming media service that also works as a client-server media playing platform. Through their service, users are able to stream their locally-stored media, online, in a manner similar to that of Netflix or Disney+.

However, their service also allows a simple solution for users to view their own private videos and movies if they are stored on something like your personal computer and stream it to a television through their app.

As recommended by Plex themselves, if you are a user of their service – we highly recommend you reset your password to protect your account and other personal details.

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