Playstation Vita Users Can Now Get Their 2D Minecraft Kick


Terraria is a game that is very similar to Minecraft, except that it’s played 3D rather than 2D that has gone on to create quite it’s own little niche. The game has seen release on the PS3 and now 505 Games has announced that it has been approved for release on the Vita!

The game will hit Europe on December 11th and in North America the next week on December 17th.

They also announced that there will be cross play functions between the Vita version and the PS3 version.

You can check out the official announcement here.


  1. Psychosynthesis
    December 7, 2013 at 9:48 am

    Maybe they don’t want to be known as 2D Minecraft, MAYBE THEY WANT TO MAKE THEIR OWNNNN NAME IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD