PlayStation has “aggressive” cloud gaming plans

Sony patent cloud gaming elimination piracy consoles

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, the company has “aggressive plans” for cloud gaming.

For those who don’t know, cloud gaming is the hot button issue right now especially among the big two western console developers Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft. Most recently cloud gaming was at the center of both the European Commission’s and Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority’s decision regarding the merger between Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard.

For those who don’t know, cloud gaming is the ability to stream a game to your computer. This means all the heavy lifting for graphics and processing is handled by large computers owned by even larger companies. You might remember Google Stadia, a console built entirely around cloud gaming.

Love it or hate it, more and more gamers are falling in love with the idea of not actually owning hardware that can handle modern video games; but with faster internet speeds and lower and lower latency for streaming, the technology is only becoming more appealing to those users.



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