PlayStation owners! Prepare for glorious battle in Nidhogg!


Something is cooking over at the great video game bakery in the house of PlayStation. All day, today, 8/28/14, a deluge of gaming announcements have been pouring out of The PlayStation Blog.  In between all the news announcement, a classic is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita owners.  Messoff brings its independently developed classic, Nidhogg, will be taking it’s battle to Sony’s newest platforms.


Nidhogg is a simple, frantic, fast-paced dueling side-scroller reminiscent to the simplistic presentation of Atari console games. In it, players move across the stage to defeat their adversaries in sword combat, all for the glory of the massive worm-creature, the Nidhogg. Victory is achieved not when all opponents have been slain but by being eaten by the worm in a glorious sacrifice!

The game features a very simple structure but it’s polished to a modern sheen.  This makes for a crazy, fun, and incredible frantic gameplay experience. There wil be local and online multiplayer for this version of Nidhogg, including cross-multiplayer capabilities, meaning PS4 players can fight against Vita players as well.

Nidhogg is already available on Steam, so if you want to warm up to it, you can. Messhoff has been working with mobile developer Code Mystics to make the cross-play experience possible. Visit Messhoff on Tumblr, Twitter , and Facebook. Visit Code Mystics on their site here, along with Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, the music is being conducted by world-famous musician Daedelus. The game energizes the combat with several pulsating electronic tracks. Daedelus combines a vast array of sonic sounds and turns it into his own style. He has performed for thousands of shows across the world with his unique sounds. For Nidhogg, he lends his talents to a unique, interesting, and frantic gameplay experience. Check out his Soundcloud below to hear more samples.

Nidhogg….that word….I do not think it means what you think it means.



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