PlayStation Network Username Change Feature Coming in Early 2019

Sony Interactive Entertainment will launch a preview program to test PlayStation Network online ID changes at the end of November, ahead of the feature’s full release in early 2019, the company

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced they’re finally releasing a feature to allow PlayStation Network users to change their usernames.

Launched roughly twelve years ago, the service will soon allow users to change their mistakenly chosen usernames like xXBlazeIt420Xx to something more appropriate, like SlayerDragonLord or whatever you kids think is cool these days. Users can expect the feature sometime early next year.

If you’re part of the PlayStation Preview Program, you’ll be able to utilize the feature if you pre-registered as testers in previous PlayStation 4 system software betas.

While the first change is free during the preview program, subsequent changes will cost $9.99 for regular users and $4.99 for PlayStation Plus users. After making a username change, you can opt to display your previous ID with your new ID so people know you now identify as something new.

Lastly, due to the large backlog of PlayStation Network-enabled games, all games released after April 1st of this year are compatible with the PlayStation Network username change, as well as a large number of PlayStation 4 games release prior.

However, not all games will support this feature and should you change your username and hop into an online match for Warhawk, you’re probably going to run into some issues. Should this happen, you can revert back to your original username for free at any time (this can only be done once during the preview program). When the new feature officially launches, Sony will publish a list of compatible games released before April 1st, 2018.



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