PlayStation commercial featuring Kenshi Yonezu revealed

Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed a new PlayStation commercial featuring Kenshi Yonezu, titled “A World Without Play | Play Has No Limits.”

The new PlayStation commercial featuring Kenshi Yonezu was shared to random PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users via an unlisted YouTube link, while the full public reveal for the new commercial will be shared on January 24th in Japan.

PlayStation Japan also noted the prominent “1-2-3” numbering is the “PlayStation tagline,” a nod to the original launch date of the first PlayStation in Japan, December 3rd of 1994 (12/3). Early access to the commercial via that unlisted link was shared today, January 23 (1/23).

It’s worth noting the new commercial includes the debut of Kenshi Yonezu’s newest song, “Pop Song.” Also the image banners for both the Japanese PlayStation Twitter account and the YouTube channel have all been changed over to the above photo of Kenshi Yonezu.

Here’s the new commercial:

Kenshi Yonezu got his start in music back in 2006 during his time at high school, with his first band and in 2009 started uploading music to Nico Nico Douga. He soon started experimenting with vocaloid software, and later in the 2010s started writing and performing his own music entirely. He’s deeply inspired by the legendary musician Susumu Hirasawa, notably his song “MOTHER.”

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