PlayStation 5 hits 2 million sales in Japan, slowest among Sony’s modern consoles

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The PlayStation 5 has managed to sell 2 million units in Japan, according to new sales data by Famitsu.

The new milestone includes both the standard PlayStation 5 (1,749,737) and digital PlayStation 5 (278,046) editions of the console.

The PlayStation 5 managed to reach this feat in 101 weeks, just 1 week shy of 2 years. To put this in comparison against Sony’s other modern consoles, the PS4 took 90 weeks while the PS3 took only a measly 73 weeks to reach the same milestones.

It’s likely that console shortages may be to blame for their lackluster sales compared to prior generations.

The PlayStation 5’s higher costs are also a major contributing factor to the sales slowdown in comparison. Not only were the prices high at launch, relatively speaking, but Sony has also increased prices in most regions worldwide.

The trend in the slowing of sales from the PS3 era is also likely a sign of the effects on Sony’s new focus on the western market rather than Japan. So even a decline of sales in this region may not affect the company on a more global scale.

This would be a much different approach compared to their competitor in Microsoft with their Xbox lineup, where their competitor is trying to court the Japanese and Asian market by building up their portfolio for those regions.


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