PlayStation 4 is Getting Sandbox Survival Horror (and Possibly Multiplayer), The Forest

Endnight Games’ The Forest was originally slated for only the PC, but now, in a turn of good fortune, it’s also coming to the PlayStation 4, according to an announcement made at the PlayStation Experience.

The Forest is supposed to be an open-ended, open-world game set on a heavily forested island, in which players collect resources, build their own bases, and protect themselves from other island inhabitants. (Those other island inhabitants are cannibalistic mutants, by the way.)

The developers are tinkering with multiplayer modes involving 2-8 players, and 128 players (yikes). Let’s hope they manage to pull it off. Early reviews of the pre-alpha version of the game were extremely positive, so this is definitely one we’ll be tracking.

No release date is known for The Forest yet.



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