Play-Asia is Offering an Alternative Wii U/PC Gamecube Controller Adapter for $20

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If you own a Wii U, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and happen to be a fan of the series, you probably tend to prefer the GameCube controller as a method of playing the game.

Despite Nintendo offering an official Wii U-to-GameCube controller adapter, the little piece of tech has been routinely sold out at retailers. If you’ve been consistently unable to get the adapter, Play-Asia has a third party alternative for you.

Featured above, the new alternative costs $19.99 and, best of all, it’s currently in stock. Here are some of the adapters key features:

  • The GameCube Controller Adapter allows you to connect up to four GameCube controllers (or wireless GameCube controllers) to a Wii U system and PC USB
  • With two GameCube Controller Adapters, up to eight GameCube controllers can be used at the same time
  • Switch to “Wii U” or “PC” mode by using the switch located on the side
  • Supports the GC/Wii Emulator Dolphin
  • Supports the built-in Vibration Feedback with no delays by plugging the two USB ports of the adapter into your Wii U system or PC USB connector ports.
  • The driver is required if you need the vibration feedback on the PC mode. Please download it from
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,Windows 8,32 bit and 64 bit and Mac OS under the PC mode

One thing going third party gives you over the official Nintendo adapter is PC support, meaning you could use the GameCube pad on PC games. It also has no input lag, and supports vibration feedback, as well as letting you switch between Wii U and PC support with a switch.

Those of you who play Super Smash Bros. on Wii U: do you prefer the good, old GameCube controller?

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