PlatinumGames Fifth Major Announcement Coming Soon

PlatinumGames Annoucement

PlatinumGames have teased that their fifth big announcement is coming soon, additionally to the four prior announcements.

PlatinumGames had previously set up a teaser website for four major announcements. The first three of these included the KickStarter for The Wonderful 101: Remastered, Project G.G. their first self-published game, and the opening of their new game studio in Tokyo along with the development of their own game engine.

Their fourth “announcement” was an April Fool’s joke, a fake teaser for a Sol Cresta arcade machinea faux sequel to the 1980 arcade game Moon Cresta, and 1985’s Terra Cresta. Even so, it seemed some would have gladly liked it to be real, judging by the video’s comments.

The teaser website now briefly flickers with the word’s “Bonus Stage” appearing, before a fifth star appears, and a fifth entry at the bottom of the page.

What could this final announcement be? Will be finally get more news on Bayonetta 3? Will we see something else from their back-catalog being revitalized? Will it be something new?

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Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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