PlatinumGames Announce Shmup Sol Cresta for PC, Switch, and PS4

Sol Cresta

PlatinumGames have announced a bonus to their “Platinum 4” announcements; arcade top-down shooter sequel Sol Cresta.

Sol Cresta is coming to Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

PlatinumGames had previously set up a teaser website in 2020 for four major announcements. The first three of these included the KickStarter for The Wonderful 101: RemasteredProject G.G. their first self-published game, and the opening of their new game studio in Tokyo along with the development of their own game engine.

Their fourth “announcement” was an April Fool’s joke, a fake teaser for a Sol Cresta arcade machinea faux sequel to the 1980 arcade game Moon Cresta, and 1985’s Terra Cresta. The website updated soon after to tease a fifth announcement, now set for 2021.

One year on from their original April Fool’s joke, PlatinumGames have now officially announced Sol Cresta. The game seems to take queues from the Moon Cresta; collecting other ships to dock and improve your own with more fire-power. From Terra Cresta, players can have each ship enter special formations, or form a mighty burning phoenix.

While there is every chance this is yet another April Fool’s joke, the footage seems to be a genuine game, along with listing platforms the game will be on. Not to mention delivering the same gag twice, and giving false hope, is sure to cause more problems than hilarity.

The trailer also states it will be part of the Neo-Classic Arcade Series Vol. 1. It may be this will be a bonus game to a collection of classic arcade games, or the first in a series of arcade sequels.

You can find the announcement trailer below.




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