Platinum Games Announces Giant Superhero Kaiju Fighting Game, “Project G.G.”

Project G.G.

Platinum Games have announced Project G.G., directed by Hideki Kamiya.

As part of their on-going reveals for four new games, (including The Wonderful 101: Remastered coming to Kickstarter), Project G.G. is a brand new IP from Platinum Games themselves.

The official website also contains a message from Director Hideki Kamiya. Explaining how previous titles had been purely developed by Platinum Games, Kamiya explained that they will now have more control over how the game is marketed and advertised.

“We’ve made a wide variety of games throughout our history, sometimes based on existing properties, like NieR:Automata; sometimes wholly original stories, like Bayonetta and ASTRAL CHAIN. Our work has found a core of passionate fans who trust us to deliver high-quality action games.

But PlatinumGames has thus far only been a developer. That means we make the games, and that’s it. All of our titles up until how have been made under contracts, with cooperation and funding from the publishers who distribute them.

Of course, everyone at Platinum and I are extremely grateful for the relationship that we’ve made with all of you through the games we’ve made so far. But ultimately, all of those games belong to publishers. Any and all decisions about how those games are promoted, how their content is used, and so on, are entirely up to the publisher.

As a creator, it’s hard not to think of my games as my children. After all, it takes a lot of hard work to raise them up, and a lot of love, too. However, once they’re done, any choices about them are entirely out of my hands. So, for example, no matter how many times people tell me, “You should make a sequel to this game,” or, “I’d love to see it on that console,” there’s nothing I can do about it.”

While details about the game itself are scant on the website, the latest issue of Famitsu (via ryokutya2089), featured an interview with Kamiya and Producer Atsushi Inaba. Inaba stated they wished to “betray the user’s expectations in a good way.” (Translation: Google Translate)

Kamiya also stated that while Viewtiful Joe is a game about one hero akin to Kamen Rider, and The Wonderful 101 is about a team of heroes, “GG is a huge hero.” Inaba also stated he wished for the game to be released on “all existing platforms.”

The teaser trailer itself also states the game is the “climax to the Hideki Kamiya superhero trilogy!” It seems the player will take control of a hero able to grow to giant size, and fight off kaiju.

You can find the announcement teaser below:

Editror’s Note: You can find the above trailer in Japanese here

We will keep you informed as we learn more.



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