PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate is Revealed for Playstation 4 and Vita

pixeljunk shooter ultimate ss 1

Double Eleven has confirmed that they’re working on an enhanced port of PixelJunk Shooter and its sequel for both Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita, titled simply PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate. The new version combines both games into a single experience, while also bringing it up to next-generation standards as far as fidelity goes.

Double Eleven’s Richard Snowdon had this to say regarding the new version over on the PlayStation Blog:

“PixelJunk Shooter introduced us to the Yellow Dart, and its mission to save trapped scientists. PixelJunk Shooter 2 picks up exactly where the first left off. In PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, you can enjoy an uninterrupted and complete experience, with all the new features introduced in Shooter 2 — such as the super spin — across all chapters.”

On the Playstation 4, Shooter Ultimate runs at a liquid smooth 60 frames per second, and it has also been given a “full visual upgrade.” Double Eleven has added real time environment lighting, a whole host of new visual effects for explosions and projectiles, and anti-aliased fluids, an enhanced color palette, and improved shaders.

The ship in PixelJunk Shooter has also been fully redesigned in 3D, which means the team can add animations for your movements in 3D space to showcase more visual feedback. Lastly, the game sports a totally new heads up display, a new scoring system, and both cross play and saving across both platforms.

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