Pink Floyd awards cash prize for AI art

Pink Floyd AI Art

Pink Floyd recently held a music video competition looking for entries to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Dark Side of the Moon album. However fans were surprised for the winner to be an AI animation, especially when compared to other winners.

There were 10 animations chosen as winners in the competition, ranging from traditional animation, to stop-motion with clay, and other pieces representing the psychedelic style of Pink Floyd. However the entry “Any Colour You Like” has fans upset and you can check out why for yourself below.

The video is over 3 minutes of panning through close-ups of instruments and through space, meanwhile the AI can’t decide what the image actually is so the instruments fade into things that look vaguely like instruments with almost no consistency.

In a way, it is kind of trippy and the effect of instruments and space-ships blurring together is pretty on-brand for Pink Floyd’s music, it’s ultimately just a very crude AI animation.

In an accompanying “behind the scenes” video, creator Damian Gaume explains that he trained his own model to create the video, avoiding the typical ethical pitfall of AI models which scrape images without consent from actual artists.

However the question at hand appears to be if an AI-generated video deserves to win a competition celebrating 50 years of music from one of the world’s most famous psychedelic rock bands.

The conversation surrounding AI art has eclipsed the celebration that the competition was meant to be, with comments about AI art overwhelming the videos of other winners. For a comparison between “Any Colour You Like” and the other winners, you can check out Pink Floyd’s official YouTube channel. Our personal favorite winner is “Eclipse“.



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