Pikmin App Involves Walking to Find and Grow Seedlings, Sending Pikmin on Expeditions

Pikmin Niantic App

The first details for Niantic Labs’ Pikmin based AR app have been revealed, including that it is possibly titled Pikmin App. 

VGC reports they have seen the game, and that it is being beta tested by invited players in Singapore. In short, players are given several Pikmin Seedlings, which they must grow by absorbing Step Energy. This sounds much like how Pokemon Go hatches Eggs by having you walk around in the real world. These Seedlings are then plucked when enough energy has been gathered.

Each Pikmin is named (or can be given a name), and include the Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Rock, and Winged Pikmin. As players move around the real world, they can find new Seedlings, and their Pikmin Squad can pick up items such as fruit along the way. This fruit becomes Nectar, which can make Pikmin bloom flowers (and give petals to collect). Pikmin will also have other Attributes.

Players can also find Decor Pikmin; those wearing “attire” associated with the place they were found. These come from Big Seedling items, or a Pikin the player owns can become one when interacting with them in certain places. The flower petals (red, blue, yellow, and white) are then used in Flower Planting. This causes a trail of flowers to appear as you walk, making it easier to find and grow Seedlings.

Players can also send out Pikmin on Expeditions to places they have previously visited, in order to collect Seedlings and Items. Players know in advance what item they can obtain, and how many Pikmin will need to be sent (and how long it’ll take them).

These Pikmin may even comeback with a Postcard; based on photos taken by Pokemon Go and Ingress players from around the world. Currently the App does not use photos on the player’s phone, from other players, or a way to send these Postcards to others.

There is also a Lifelog; recording the player’s daily activities. This tracks number of steps walked, flower planting results, places visited, photos captured, and the entires the player themselves have written. These entries sound akin to a personal diary, allowing players to record photos and text.

This Lifelog then generates a Daily Lookback at the end of the day, showing an animated summary of what happened. This is only visible to that player. Should players have walked a lot that day, they have a chance at winning a free item through a propeller mini-game.

VGC also report the game currently has no microtransactions, but they could be added closer to the game’s release.

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