Physical Xbox One Control Ultimate Edition Requires Internet Connection to Play Campaign

Control Ultimate Edition

505 Games have stated that the physical version of Control Ultimate Edition on Xbox One requires an online connection to download “the latest expansions;” as the Xbox One disc was too small.

Control is available on Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Ultimate Edition is also available on those platforms (on Windows PC via the Epic Games Store, and Steam), and at the end of 2020 digitally on PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X (early 2021 physically for both consoles).

As reported by Eurogamer, Twitter user Does It Play (an account dedicated to preservation of games media) claimed they had heard reports that the physical Xbox One version of Control: Ultimate Edition requires an internet connection to play the campaign. Players reportedly “cannot get past the opening maintenance elevator without the internet and are instructed to download a update.”

No such issue was found on the PlayStation 4 version of the game. 505 games latter issued a statement, stating that they were unable to fit all of the game’s latest expansions on the Xbox One disc.

“Control Ultimate Edition, including all the latest expansions is over 50gb so we’re unable to fit everything on the Xbox disc. We have used Xbox intelligent delivery to provide some content on the disc and the rest via download.

You can read more about Xbox intelligent delivery here:

On PlayStation 4, this isn’t the case as Control Ultimate Edition fits on a single disc, due to compression and other variables.

Once you have downloaded the game, rest assured you do not have to be online to play!”

We are currently investigating the storage capacity of discs on both consoles.

This is not the first time the Control Ultimate Edition has drawn ire. We previously reported on that game being the only way to upgrade Control to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This drew ire from many, as other upgrades had been free. 505 Games later explained that the issue stemmed from the challenges of upgrading the game due to not wanting to exclude players.

Players of Control also briefly found they were able to upgrade to the Ultimate Edition despite 505 Games prior statements; only to lose access 24 hours later, and be asked to buy it.

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