Physical PS4 Version is Confirmed for Shenmue III

shenmue iii 07-03-15-1

Ys Net and Yu Suzuki have confirmed that physical versions of Shenmue III are now available for anyone backing the game on Kickstarter.

The physical Playstation 4 version was reportedly “one of the most requested items on the list,” and all $60 backers can now select it as their preferred version of the game.

There’s a multitude of backer rewards available still, like the ability for five lucky fans (that also donate 10,000 dollars to the Kickstarter page) to become NPCs in game. It also shares the same requirements to have a dinner with Yu Suzuki in Monaco or Los Angeles.

If you don’t have the money though, he’s also shown some lower tier incentives. 1,500 dollars gets your picture in the harbor waiting area for the Choubu passenger boat, while 4,000 gets your name and face in the in-game Lucky Hit board.

Shenmue III is currently sitting at just shy of $3.9 million on Kickstarter.

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