Physical Edition Announced for Wattam

iam8bit has launched pre-orders for a limited print physical edition of Wattam.

The new physical edition is available for PS4, alongside a vinyl soundtrack. Both are expected to be shipped sometime in Q2 of 2020.

It’s worth pointing out the physical edition of the game is region-free, and has three exclusive covers that you can collect. Each package comes with a reversible cover, and an original instruction manual that Katamari Damacy creator (also the creator of Wattam) Keita Takahashi wrote and illustrated.

Here’s a rundown on both the physical edition and the vinyl soundtrack:

Wattam Physical Edition – $29.99

From the creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, the legendary Keita Takahashi’s latest opus is Wattam—a game that, at its core, is the ultimate toybox. Its depth of emotion is astounding, chronicling the friendship and folly in the most joyously colorful and bombastic of ways. It’s a very special experience, years-in-the-making, and iam8bit is so very proud to present Wattam in a lovingly crafted physical form. Collect all three exclusive covers, lest one be lonely.

Wattam Vinyl Soundtrack – $39.99

Wattam is undoubtedly a game bursting with personality thanks to its colorful cast of characters, yet creator Keita Takahashi (Katamari DamacyNoby Noby Boy) knows just how important music is to sprinkling the universe with whimsy and charm. You don’t stand a chance against this incredible album, because listening to its many wondrous tracks immediately induces serenity through cartoonishly large smiles. Perfectly transporting listeners to an alternate realm of absolute glee, this soundtrack is actively jolly, yet surprisingly loungey, especially that infectiously—and instantly classic—theme song.

Wattam is launching for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store) on December 17th.

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