Phison reveals PCIe Gen5 enterprise SSDs at CES 2023

Phison e26 Gen5 SSD Thumbnail

Phison has unveiled their latest solution for data storage with the E26 Gen5 SSD as their flagship product.

As the name suggests, the new drives are PCIe Gen5 compatible, which has double the speeds of Gen4 products that are currently common in the market today.

The SSD is powered by Phison’s new E26 controller, which is paired with either LPDDR4 or DDR4 DRAM depending on use case and Micron 232L NAND flash memory.

This improvement in memory storage will make waves across the industry as the company partners with many big name brands such as Corsair, Crucial, Gigabyte, MSI, and Seagate.

While this is primarily targeted towards the enterprise space currently, the technology will certainly make its way to the consumer space.

This is important as faster memory speeds improve loading times in gaming, but Microsoft’s own DirectStorage API takes great advantage in speeds of NVMe drives to even more greatly improve loading times.

Here’s a short demo of the E26 controller powering the new SSDs:

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