Persona Q Reveals How the Two Groups Meet

Persona Q

Persona Q, the Etrian Odyssey inspired dungeon crawler that chibi-fies the main characters of Persona 3 and 4 while combining them in one massive crossover, has just revealed how the two diverse teenage investigation teams meet.

Revealed by Japanese website gamer.ne, the main hero of Persona 3 (Apparently going with the male version, sorry FES devotees) and the protagonist of Persona 4 meet during a school festival at Inaba’s very own Yasogami high school, where a strange clock tower has manifested. After agreeing to investigate for possible shadow activity, the Investigation team runs into Persona 3’s “Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad” group and both agree to work together in order to find a way out of the recently emerged labyrinth.

This intro story differs slightly if you pick Persona 3’s protagonist and begin with the SEES team. In that scenario, the team gathers at Tartarus to combat the boredom caused by their fall festival being cancelled and are drawn to the velvet room after hearing a strange ringing sound. After this event, they find themselves in the middle of Yasogami high’s festival and soon meet up with Persona 4’s investigation team.

Though details are scarce, the two teams find a couple new characters in the form of Yasogami first year students Rei and Zen, who it is believed possess knowledge or powers that will allow them all to escape the shadow-infested labyrinth.

Rei and Zen

Persona Q, which will not hit Japanese shelves until June 5th of next year, isn’t the only Shin Megami Tensei crossover game we’ll see. The already announced Wii-U exclusive “Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem”, which is currently in development and has no concrete release date, is the other.

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