Persona 5 Director Wants to Create an Experience That Will Touch Your Heart

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The latest Famitsu included a list of over a hundred Japanese developers and their hopes for the new year.

One of the more interesting interviews came from Persona 5 director Katsura Hashino, in which he talked up the game’s storytelling, as well as what inspired him to even get into game development in the first place.

His keyword for 2016: “I want to create an experience that will touch your heart.”

“I personally feel that games can be different when compared to movies and books in that players can feel they have real impact in the end result from the choices they make. I also feel my games are not a waste of time, instead they are engaging and unique. This is what inspired me to become a game developer in the beginning. I think that my next game reaches those ideals, if only a little bit. I’ll be satisfied if this game can be enjoyed by all the fans who keep waiting.”

Hashino also talked about the game’s release date, and is quite confident that they will be able to deliver the game by its summer release window.

Persona 5 is set to release in Japan this summer, with a North American and European release date yet to be announced.



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