Peridot is the new game from Pokemon Go developer Niantic


Pokemon Go! was a worldwide phenomenon and years later the hype dwindled, but it retained a healthy player base and is being regularly updated. Developer Niantic is ready to move on though as they announced their next game, Peridot.

The game is Niantic’s latest foray into AR mobile gaming. The game features magical creatures known as “Peridots” or Dots for short, and where Pokemon Go! was all about capturing and battling monsters, Peridot appears to be taking the Tamagotchi approach with a heavy focus on raising and caring for the creatures you collect instead of battling.

Once you’ve collected your Peridot, players will be tasked with raising said magical creature into adulthood, with the goal of the game to nurture your digital pet by feeding them good food, taking them on walks, and interacting with them.

Developers Niantic also stated that your digital pal will be able to distinguish features in your environment, they can tell the difference between say grass, water, and sand and will react differently to those locations. Some Peridots may prefer different locations and may possibly benefit from say, trips to the beach or dining out at your favorite ice cream shop.

Every single creature will be unique. Featuring different personalities, likes, and dislikes as well as featuring their own unique appearances. The game will also include a breeding system that Niantic believes is “patterned after the way DNA works in real life, blending the best of hand-created access and procedural generation.”

Once you’ve successfully raised a creature to adulthood, you’ll be rewarded with new types of creatures to raise and grow and breed creating even more unique Peridots to show off to your friends, via the games in-built social networking features which will allow you to interact and share your Peridots adventures with your friends.

Here’s a teaser trailer:

Peridot will be launching in a beta phase later this month for both the Apple App Store and Google Play, with pre-registration currently available on Niantic’s Website.



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