People Can’t Handle Metal Gear Solid “Quiet” Figurine with Soft, Supple Breasts

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So Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima talked up the latest Play Arts Kai figurine over on his personal Twitter.

The figurine, a replication of the character Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, has been quiet polarizing even before getting made into a literal object that people can own and oogle. You can find the shots of her figurine, below:

Here’s the thing with this figurine that is making the collective “progressive” internet lose their minds:


If you’ve been paying close attention, you can actually physically move and press her breasts together, as the supervisor, Yoji, made sure to point out to Kojima-san.

This is apparently crossing the line, and completely unacceptable, leading some people to go so far as to implement mass-bans on NeoGAF, as well as censor discussion of the figurine itself. The mass-censoring has led to hilarious responses from moderators like this:

“We had warned you to tone it down. You did not, and in fact, had community support to continue. Probably the most disturbing was when the picture in question was posted, some of you didn’t even see a problem. If we catch you trying to take over another thread, bans will be long.”

For those who are unaware, the Modbot is an account NeoGAF uses to avoid any single moderator from looking completely nuts when handing out bans and or regressive, shaming, groupthink ideologies. NeoGAF’s owner, Tyler Malka, stepped in to even supply his own batch of racist bile:

“As a closing commentary, Akihabara is easily the creepiest place on the planet. You probably really don’t want to buy figures catering to the otaku market segment for your own mental and social health. That being said, merchandising for anime/manga/gaming in Japan is so ridiculously depraved and targeted at pedophiles that it’s difficult to bat an eye whatsoever at this Quiet doll, which, despite any squishability, depicts a grown woman with human proportions that overall looks very much like the model in that photo of her holding it (which is neat), and not a 10 year old girl-creature in a maid outfit with ZZ cups and moe eyes as per the status quo.

Don’t buy otaku dolls and a big glass case to put them in. Thanks. ‘Til next time.”

It’s not just NeoGAF, however, as other realms of the internet are fanning the outrage flames – like Eurogamer. Writer Tom Phillips called it “seedy” and “questionable,” while comparing it to the newly revealed Raiden figurine, also from Metal Gear Solid, and basically implied for her to “cover up.”

Wake me up when people stop caring about the proper representation of breasts in video games, digital or plastic.

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