Peaceful #GamerGate in D.C. Meetup Receives False Bomb Threats

Last night, a group of pro-#GamerGate supporters, including Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannopoulos and feminist-scholar and critic Christina Hoff Sommers, had a false bomb threat(s) called upon their gathering.

The call for the bomb-threat evacuation had come in roughly at 12:15 AM, according to SuperNerdLand. Reportedly, the local Washington D.C. police arrived telling everyone to evacuate, saying that it was a “fire drill.” This soon changed to reports of a potential bomb threat. The above video is a recording via Twitter user Lord Twinkie, which occurred soon after everyone was evacuated outside.

It’s worth mentioning this is the first major pro-#GamerGate meetup (that I know of) in the Americas, following a similar event that Yiannopoulos held in London this past week. Prior to the #GGinDC meetup, various Twitter users had made attempts to pressure the group’s location of choice, a restaurant/bar called Local 16, to prevent the group from meeting there.

gamergate 05-02-15-1

(Pictured: Lizzy Finnegan, writer for The Escapist, Christina Hoff Sommers, and Cathy Young, writer for The Daily Beast)

Despite the recent timing of the events, it’s strange that mainstream gaming and tech websites aren’t quick to report on the events, when they were so quick to report on similar false-threats made to feminist critics. “It’ll be very interesting to see what coverage an actual bomb threat made to police in an effort to disrupt the #GGinDC gathering will get,” wrote Stardock CEO, founder and president Brad Wardell.

“Wonder how many news outlets will cover the bomb threats against #GGinDC. not holding my breath.” wrote Chloe Price, a pro-#GamerGate and #NotYourShield Twitter user. “Someone made a bomb threat against #GamerGate meetup in DC last night, prompting evac. Should dispel notion that other side is 100% saintly,” said Robby Soave, staff editor at

Throughout the entire planning and aftermath of the event, the management of Local 16 never backed down in keeping their doors open to all walks of life. “Owner of bar called me after getting scary warnings not to host #GGinDC Spoke with accent:”Would never keep any group out. This is America,” said Christina Hoff Sommers, when recalling the preparing of the event.

Following the eventual clearing of the false-threat, Local 16 re-opened to the public and even offered a free round of shots to everyone in attendance – thankfully no one was hurt in the entire ordeal.


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