PC Version for 2D MOBA Brawler “Hyper Universe” Shutting Down on December 19

CWave and Nexon America have announced that the PC version of Hyper Universe will be shutting down on December 19th.

Hyper Universe is a team-based, character-driven 2D MOBA brawler that released back in January of this year, and on October 19th the developers released a statement detailing the game’s impending closure.

The Cash Shop will officially shut down on November 15th, and any purchases made between August 18th and the October 19th announcement will be issued a full refund. No more updates will be released and rewards for the Ranked Mode have been disabled, but the game will otherwise remain fully playable until December 19th.

Should you wish to give Hyper Universe one last chance before the game is taken offline, then you can find it on Windows PC via Steam. The Xbox One version of the game will be unaffected by the PC version’s closure.

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