PC is the Best Platform, Says The Witcher’s Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill, star of Netflix’s new adaptation of The Witcher, revealed he’s a member of the PC master race in an interview with NME.

The actor’s interest in games isn’t exactly new–while a big fan of The Witcher book series and video games, there is also a pretty amusing story about Cavill missing the call to play Superman in Man of Steel due to being in a WoW raid.

When asked during the interview whether he preferred Xbox or Playstation, he answered, “PC,” rather quickly. He went on to explain that his father got him into PC gaming at a young age, and though he’s never actually built one himself, he’s been using custom PCs for a long while.

He plans to venture into the apparently scary and time-consuming world of PC building when he has the time, and can muster up the bravery required. Here’s hoping he doesn’t watch The Verge’s tutorial when he finally gets around to it.

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