Path of Exile announces new Delirium Everywhere event

Path of Exile

The free-to-play ARPG Path of Exile just announced its third event leading up to the new Forbidden Sanctum expansion, which drops in December.

The event is called Delirium Everywhere, and during its seven day course players will find themselves in maps completely shrouded in fog, which will make every monster on it much stronger.

However, not only punishment awaits players in the event, as the stronger monsters will also drop increased rewards, such as Simulacrum Shards, which increase the quantity of items found on the chosen map.

The event will start on all platforms on November 21st and will end on November 28th. Here’s a brief rundown on the event:

Path of Exile Delirium Everywhere

Can you hear it, Exile? Madness approaches in the Delirium Everywhere event, where a dense fog has taken over almost every zone!

The fog ranges randomly from 10% to 100% Delirium with the minimum and maximum level of Delirium scaling with the level of the zone. This way, some lower level encounters won’t be impossibly difficult and higher level encounters won’t be incredibly easy.

This has all the usual effects — monsters getting buffed, new monsters spawning, reward bars filling with kills, and Simulacrum splinters dropping. To avoid spam-refreshing areas being the best strategy, each area always has the same Delirium percentage, and Delirium reward types are randomised each time they drop.

Players who reach level 50 during the event are also entitled to a Kalandra Mystery Box, which contains a store item guaranteed to not be a duplicate.

Furthermore, players can win two of these per expansion, so this event is the last chance for players to obtain their second one if they haven’t done so yet.

Here’s a previous trailer for the events leading up to the new expac:

You can read more about the event on Path of Exile’s official site.

The base game for Path of Exile has been available on Windows PC, Mac (both via Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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