Patch 2.4 is Hitting Final Fantasy XIV October 28th, Gold Saucer en Route in Patch 2.5

final fantasy vii gold saucer 10-19-14-1

While Square Enix recently confirmed the first expansion coming to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, dubbed simply Heavensward, they’re also readying up the latest patch for the game.

During this weekend’s fanfest, which took place in Las Vegas, director and producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that patch 2.4, “Dreams of Ice” is going to launch on October 28th. The patch brings with it the ninja/rogue class and job combo, as well as the controversial real money shop.

The cash shop will let you buy mostly cosmetic items like mounts, minions, and a curious Fantasia potion, which lets you reset your character’s race, gender, and or looks – all of which via real life currency. Yoshida-san promised that only vanity items would be sold, and that no “pay to win” stuff would be available in the shop.

Last but not least, the return of the Gold Saucer was confirmed to be coming with patch 2.5 – and with it Chocobo Racing and Triple Triad coming as the first content featured within the casino.



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