Paraguayan movie El Apartamento gets criticized for similarities to Silent Hill 4

El Apartamento

El Apartamento (The Apartment), is an upcoming movie by Paraguayan director Michael Kovich Jr. and it has stirred up some controversy.

The movie has been criticized for its poster, which looks really similar to Silent Hill 4‘s cover art – you can find both above.

You can read the movie’s description below:

A man wakes up disoriented, with little memory of his last days in his own apartment; shortly after he finds his door covered in chains and locks. After several violent attempts and struggles, he realizes that he is completely locked up and has no way out. As the man tries to escape, he mysteriously meets traces of a dark past that he does not want to confront; and the figure of an obscure ghost that haunts him; putting him to the test and making him face his greatest fears

On top of the cover art, the movie has also been criticized for its premise, which is also pretty close to the game’s plot.

Regardless of criticism and speculation, only time will tell if El Apartamento will be worthy of comparing itself to Silent Hill 4, until then, we’ll just have to wait.

El Apartamento is set to release on August 3rd, 2023.



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