Papers, Please is coming to smartphones in August 2022

Papers, Please

Indie developer Lucas Pop has announced the release date for the smartphone port of Papers, Please.

The smartphone port of the game launches on August 5, 2022. According to Pope, the game’s content remains unchanged compared to that of the PC version. It is mainly the UI that has been adjusted to fit a portrait style for a phone’s screen.

Papers, Please is a game which tasks players as a border agent of a fictional country. It’s up to them to make the right calls by checking documentation of individuals and either allowing them to pass or rejecting them due to inconsistencies. Failure of which may harm the character and his family.

It has been stated that those who purchased the iPad version of the game, which has been available for years now, will get the iOS version on their iPhones for free. However, we’ve previously reported that the iPad version of the game was censored. Considering the prior statement on how the contents of these ports are the same as the PC, it seems they won’t be censored here.

Papers Please is currently available for Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS (via iPad), and PlayStation Vita.



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