Panty shots and clothes destruction rife in Maid of the Dead

Maid of the Dead

Maid of the Dead is an upcoming shooter where players take on the role of a maid hellbent on eliminating the zombie horde and saving Akihabara.

Players can level up while taking down zombies and earn skills, and other maids that are undergoing “zombification” can be saved via a “Unity Bullet” (4Gamer article says they can be saved via a “medicine” that is poured on their bodies), which will then have them fighting on the player’s side.

An assortment of weapons can be used, ranging from handguns, shotguns, and assault rifles to knives and chainsaws. Maids have their clothing torn when attacked by zombies, and points can also be achieved in battle to then spend on items and other strong power-ups.

The game bears a great resemble to Vampire Survivors, no doubt due to it’s popularity.

Akihabara’s streets become filled with the living dead due to the outbreak of a mysterious virus, and protagonist Nagisa Hihara fights to cleanse her home of the zombie intruders, as well as to save her friend Rinka Kazane, who she was separated from.

Screenshots of the lewd clothes-tearing, medicine application, and panty shots can be viewed online.

Here are some gameplay videos from the official Steam page:

Maid of the Dead will take on the zombie hoard come February 15th for the Nintendo Switch, and sometime this spring for PC via Steam.



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