Paid Mods Return To Steam With Dota 2 “Custom Game Pass”

After user backlash put a halt to Valve and Bethesda’s plan to get players to pay for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mods, it seemed that was the last we’d see of it. Though many assumed Fallout 4 would bring the issue back, so far it has not. Instead, it seems that the next attempt at getting paid mods accepted by gamers is by inserting the idea into the Dota 2 community, where it was just announced that a “custom game pass” will be implemented in mods that create new custom Dota 2 games.

There is a slight difference this time, however. Instead of outright charging for the mod, this time you can still play them for free. The catch is that you can also agree to pay money for that same mod and enjoy extra features that free users do not have access to:

    Introducing the Custom Game Pass, a new system for supporting and rewarding custom game developers who are committed to building vibrant and lasting communities around their games.
    Custom Games Passes will be limited to a small number of high-quality games that have established themselves in the community. Purchasing a pass directly supports the creators of the custom game as well as granting you extra features for that game. All custom games will remain free to download and play.
    The first Custom Game Pass will be available for Roshpit Champions at a price of $1 for a 30-day duration. While everyone can play Roshpit Champions for free, the Custom Game Pass will enable additional stash and character slots, and offer multiple perks for the duration of the pass.

With the low price and the ability to still play the game for free, Valve seems to be hoping that this is a more acceptable alternative than what was offered with Skyrim last year. We’ll have to wait and see if this idea meets resistance, or if it’s accepted and eventually leads to even more like it implemented within other games.

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