Overwatch Esports Assistant Coach Forced to Delete Tweet Condemning Blizzard Over Blitzchung Suspension

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Following the pro-Hong Kong protest statements from professional Hearthstone player Chung “blitzchung” Ng Wai and Blizzard Entertainment’s suspension of the player, an assitant coach for an Overwatch esports team was forced to delete his tweet for being critical of Blizzard’s decision.

Overwatch E-sports team Dallas Fuel’s assistant coach Justin “Jayne” Conroy told The Dallas Morning News that he was “directed” to delete a tweet that criticized Blizzard’s punishment of Blitzchung.

While the tweet has been deleted and was not archived or screenshotted, it reportedly stated that while he recognized Blizzard’s rights to enforce its rules, he condemned the “censorship and severity of consequences.”

One comment regarding the incident has survived however. Joking with a fan stating i got banned on the contenders twitch for saying i hate @AskJayne. who can save me from this unjust punishment?”, he retweeted “Now this is censorship I can get behind”.

Jayne also retweeted a tweet, joking about being banned from China because of liking a tweet made by the South Park Twitter account- in reference to the recent episode “Band in China“, that was highly critical of western companies attempting to appease the Chinese government.

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