Overview Trailer for Astral Chain

Nintendo have released a new trailer in Japanese for Astral Chain, offering an overview of the game.

Ignoring what we already know about the game, your character is part of Neuron- a police task force designed to hold back the Legion, and control your own. As part of the police force, you can also help out in other police duties. These include recreating crime-scenes and chasing down criminals. You may even end up in Chimera- the alternate dimension the Legion come from.

The player can control five Legions, each with their own abilities and fighting styles. Along with helping you capture criminals and find clues, they can fight in combat along-side with you. You can also trigger tag-team special attacks. You can also switch freely between the five Legions at any time. Each Legion can also be leveled up and learn new skills and abilities.

In addition, you can customize your appearance, and can change the color-scheme of your Legions. Finally, the game also offers a “beginner’s mode” to automate various actions.

Astral Chain is launching for Nintendo Switch on August 30th.

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