Outward Sells Over 1 Million Copies, ‘The Three Brothers’ DLC Launches December 15


Publisher Deep Silver and developer Nine Dots Studio have announced Outward has sold over one million copies worldwide.

The new milestone was reached after its initial release back in March of 2019. Furthermore, the game’s second post-launch downloadable content, “The Three Brothers,” is set for a release on December 15th for Windows PC and sometime in 2021 for Xbox One and PS4.

“It’s hard to find the words to say when something that seemed impossible happens to you,” Nine Dots Studio CEO Guillaume Boucher-Vidal said in a press release. “After flopping with our two previous titles, I had very conservative expectations and thought selling 100,000 copies would be a great step up from our previous attempts. To have sold ten times that is surreal. Outward isn’t a perfect game, though it has a lot of heart. And we had more heart than resources when we began work on Outward. Now we have experience, an audience, and more resources than ever before. I’m excited to think about what comes next.”

Lastly, a developer diary was shared for the game, showing off its new DLC, its quests, new weapons, and more.

Here’s the new dev diary:

Outward is currently available for Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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