Oshiri Tantei: Pupu Mirai no Meinten Toujou! Debut Trailer

Oshiri Tantei: Pupu Mirai no Meinten Toujou! Debut Trailer

Nippon Columbia shared the Oshiri Tantei: Pupu Mirai no Meinten Toujou! debut trailer, giving the first look at their Switch game based on the popular kids series.

Here’s the Oshiri Tantei: Pupu Mirai no Meinten Toujou! debut trailer:


Here’s a rundown on the game:

A new adventure game with a completely original story

Oshiri Tantei: Pupu: Mirai no Meinten Toutou Joukan is an adventure game that faithfully recreates the world and fun of the original book and TV anime, and allows anyone from children to adults to enjoy the “mystery”.

The core of the game is an original story supervised by the original author for the game.

The game is based on an original story supervised by the original author, in which the player becomes an apprentice assistant at the Oshiri-Tantei office, and together with Oshiri-Tantei, his assistant Brown, and the wankoro police, solves difficult cases in an exciting and thrilling story.

A photo-logic adventure game where players use photos and interviews to solve mysteries

In this game, players take pictures to solve puzzles. In this game, players take pictures to help solve mysteries, such as searching for evidence in a large field, or staking out a crime scene to take pictures of a crucial crime scene. The camera can also be used for a variety of tricks.

A variety of maze games to enjoy like mini-games

In the middle of the game, when you are trying to uncover the truth of the case and hunt down the culprit, you will encounter a maze game that is also popular in the original picture book. In the maze game, the player controls the character to hunt down the culprit in a maze with various tricks. The game can be played with intuitive controls, so you can enjoy it like an action game.

Many of the popular characters from the anime appear in the game, and of course they have voices!

In this game, Oshiri-tantyi, Brown, Kaito U, and many other familiar characters appear to liven up the game.
The characters are voiced by the same voice actors as in the anime (in part voice), so you can enjoy the movie scenes as if you were watching the anime.

Even after solving the mystery, there are plenty of tricks to keep you coming back for more.

Some people say that once you’ve cleared a mystery adventure game and know the culprit, you can’t enjoy it anymore, but in this game, the “special move” that Oshiri-tantyu unleashes changes depending on the steps you take to solve the case, and you can look for the “Oshiri mark” which changes its location every time you play. “The game is full of tricks that will make you want to play it again and again.

There are plenty of “extra elements” for Oshiri-Tantei fans to enjoy.

You can play the maze game that appeared in the main story in a time attack mode, collect special move scenes with the points you earn based on your gameplay performance, listen to the voices of gorgeous voice actors, and many other “extras” that Oshiri-Tantei fans will enjoy.

Oshiri Tantei: Pupu Mirai no Meinten Toujou! is launching for Nintendo Switch on November 4th in Japan.

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