Oshi no Ko movie will be screened in Japanese theaters this summer

Oshi No Ko Movie

To commemorate the hit anime series Oshi No Ko’s first anniversary, the movie Oshi no Ko: Mother and Child will be released in theaters this summer.

The movie will premiere in theaters on June 7th and is an expanded version of Episode 1 of the anime. The theatrical screening will run for 2 weeks.

Coming from this, we might get scenes not originally included in the anime. A preview video for the movie was revealed:

In addition, advanced screening for the first episode of the second season of Oshi no Ko happens in June 30 through a live event.

There will be greetings from the cast of the anime and more information about the second season. There’s more:

A mascot resembling Ai Hoshino will also appear at the screenings, also to commemorate the first anniversary of the anime.

Fans wanting a new season for the anime will have to wait a bit – Oshi no Ko season 2 will broadcast in July 2024. 



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