Online Co-Op Action Horror FPS GTFO Aiming 2020 Launch


10 Chambers Collective has confirmed online co-op action horror FPS GTFO is planning to leave Early Access and launch in 2020.

Speaking to PCGamesN, 10 Chambers Collective (PayDay, PayDay 2) Co-Founder Svante Vinternatt stated “We are trying to not be in Early Access for too long, so we’re aiming for about a year. We haven’t released any Early Access games before, so this is a new experience for us.”

The game’s next major update will come March 31st, The Rundown. This includes a new environment called Dig Site, 10 new expeditions, new weapons, new enemies, new objectives, and more.

Vinternatt further explains to PCGamesN that the game will not stop updating when fully launched.

“With the way we are creating GTFO with rundowns, even if we go to 1.0, it doesn’t mean ‘okay, this is the content and now we’re done’. We want to keep on developing new rundowns even after 1.0. That’s the essence of the game, even if everything is not there. That’s also part of the plan, adding continuously more enemies, more objectives for living environments, and some new content, and so on.”

[…] “So the main stuff that we are working on getting in for before 1.0 is progression, like customisation and matchmaking. But then also making it stable and adding some features that we feel are essential before performing 1.0.”

Vinternatt also confirmed the studio was utilizing remote working to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.

GTFO is a 4 player action/horror cooperative first-person shooter for hardcore gamers looking for a real challenge. Players get to play as a team of prisoners, forced to explore and extract valuable artifacts from a vast underground complex that has been overrun by terrifying creatures. Gather weapons, tools, and resources to help you survive – and work to unearth the answers about your past and how to escape.


  • 4 player cooperative PvE gameplay that puts you and your teammates through the ultimate cooperation and communication test.
  • Explore a massive underground complex with a dense and dark atmosphere.
  • Plan your expedition, equip and operate tools, combine your firepower, communicate and coordinate as a team – every detail counts if you are to survive the nightmare.
  • Search the complex for information and resources to help you and your team solve your objectives and come back alive.
  • The Rundown: New expeditions released regularly that always replaces the old expeditions. Our goal is to invent new ways of challenging you and your teammates in new and interesting ways. You can find a video explaining the Rundown here.
  • Nightmarish atmosphere accompanied by music from acclaimed composer Simon Viklund.

GTFO is in Early Access, and launches 2020 for Windows PC via Steam.

Image: Steam



Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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