One Piece animator attacked on social media over bath scene

One Piece

An animator who worked on a recent episode of One Piece has been harassed by X (formerly Twitter) users for their depiction of a character during a bath scene.

The character in question is Jewelry Bonney, the captain of the Bonney pirates. During a particular scene, Bonney is nearly naked as the characters all take a bath together.

The reason this stirred controversy is that Bonney has the powers of the Toshi-Toshi-no-Mi (Age-Age Fruit) and while she normally takes on the appearance of a woman in her early 20s, she’s chronologically 12. The Age-Age fruit allows Bonney to not only alter her own age, but also the age of others. She uses this power to make people experience Near Death Experiences, or age herself into hypothetical futures where she’s stronger.

The artist, known on Twitter as KDA was proud of their work on the show as seen below.

One Piece

However some social media users took the opportunity to try and attack the animator due to Bonney’s technical age, despite series creator Eiichiro Oda being responsible for Bonney’s design.

Meanwhile KDA appears to just be laughing it off, especially since most anime fans are coming to his defense in the replies and quotes.

One Piece

Many who work in the anime industry as well as fans are taking note of the growing trend of artists being harassed over their drawings and animation.



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