One of the Largest Battles in Online Gaming History is Going On – Right Now

EVE Online 6VDT-H Battle SS 2

EVE Online is no stranger to huge battles, what is unfolding right now is something else though. This massive battle is taking place on a system known as 6VDT, and the two factions duking it out are two of the largest alliances in the game.

The battle raging on right now is the focal point of months of preparation, conflicts and as per EVE standard, propaganda. If you’ve never played EVE or gotten past the steep learning curve, the game tends to become a huge meta game of sorts.

EVE Online 6VDT-H Battle SS 3

This battle is officially the largest in EVE’s history, over 4000 players from both sides are slugging it away right now:

The battle is being fought between the CFC and TEST alliances, easily the biggest alliances in the entire game. Both factions have been embroiled in open war for several months.

EVE Online 6VDT-H Battle SS 1

More than 650 ships have been destroyed in this battle, the latest updates are that the TEST alliance is in full retreat, no more reinforcements will be sent and CFC is in full swing to pick off any stragglers.

Screenshots courtesy of The Verge.



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