Open-world survival game Once Human reveals beta test and gameplay trailer

Once Human

Starry Studios’ New Weird open-world survival game Once Human is getting a beta test, news confirmed alongside a new trailer showing off its captivating gameplay.

You can read the announcement below:

Starry Studio has released an enticing new gameplay trailer for its New Weird open-world sandbox survival game Once Human. Set within a post-apocalyptic world plagued by an alien matter known as “Stardust”, the game invites players to navigate a challenging, open-world environment where survival is constantly at stake. Following the new trailer, the game has also announced a Beta Test plan scheduled to take place in Winter 2023.

In Once Human, players are thrust into a beautifully realized, dynamic world, where realistic weather and lighting create a captivating backdrop. The world has been ravaged by the Stardust, resulting in a landscape teeming with monstrous creatures and polluted resources. Players are offered the choice to either cooperate with others for survival or craft powerful weapons to plunder supplies from adversaries. Player actions significantly influence the world, with their battles shaping the fate of NPC factions and their construction efforts permanently altering the landscape.

In terms of new content revealed, the gameplay trailer not only showcases thrilling battle sequences against monstrous creatures alongside stunning visual elements, but also raises intriguing questions – Why a giant hand protrudes from the sky? How the ruins that were once splashed at night are now restored in the light? By presenting glimpses of the game scene, the trailer effectively creates a sense of mystery and and foreboding, adding to the apocalyptic atmosphere.

Starry Studio has also announced the new beta test for Once Human, set for Winter 2023. While specifics such as the test’s duration are yet to be revealed, interested players can stay updated by following Once Human’s official social media platforms.

Once Human is set to release at some point for Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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